Monica Eunji Kim

Monica Kim - About


Hi, I'm Monica!

I’m a maker of images that are usually moving. I've spent 5+ years at Google Creative Lab in New York City designing, directing, animating, shooting and making things, and now moving on to a new venture.

Born and raised in South Korea, I started living by myself at age 14, probably had about 8-9 underage jobs and ended up hailing from my hometown to go study graphic design at School of Visual Arts in NYC.

Shortly after the graduation, I had an interview with Google Creative Lab where I ended up nesting for about 5 years, envisioning future technology through storytelling and visual language. I was lucky enough to get recognized and featured by organizations like ADC, TDC, Computer Arts Magazine, and design organizations in Korea including Design Jungle and Typography Seoul. In 2013, I received New Visual Artist Award by Print Magazine that selects 20 international artists under the age of 30.

Though spending most of my time staring at the screen, I still dream about having a green aviary. Ever since Tako, my bird companion, (image below) left to the bird dorm in Florida, I’ve been #birdstagraming every day. If I’m not in front of the computer watching bird videos, I’ll probably be in the kitchen making weed edibles.


If you like birds I'll probably like you:


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