Monica Eunji Kim

JIFF Opening 2015


JIFF Opening 2015

Jeonju International Film Festival Opening 2015

제 16회 전주국제영화제 공식 트레일러는 영화제의 계절인 봄의 따스함과 생기를 움직이는 미술같은 느낌으로 나타내고자 했다. 영화제의 아이덴티티를 이루는 타이포그라피가 따뜻하면서도 만물이 새로 깨어나는 봄의 느낌을 만나 발랄해졌고, 올해 영화제의 상징물인 스프링을 같은 느낌으로 녹여내며 스프링이 의미하는 도약과 듣고 보고 느끼는 영화제의 뜻을 함께 살렸다


Working with Jeonju International Film Festival again for its 16th year, I was tasked to make an opening sequence using their new visual identity that was simplified yet became more flexible. For this year, JIFF also wanted to include the idea of the spring - a resilient device - as part of their tongue in cheek concept. Inspired by fine artists such as Paul Klee, we aimed to show the warmth and the liveliness of the spring, using the idea of leap and the image of sensory experiences mixed with the typographic animation.


Direction, Design, Animation
Animation: Waleed Zaiter
Music: Daniel Lynas, Amar Ibrahim